Car care service centre

Car repair will not cause you any worry if you trust it to the professionals. Knowledgeable IGTISA technicians, using the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment, will pinpoint the causes of failure and repair your car as quickly as possible.


We perform all car body repair work. We have four Car-O-Liner body geometry restoration benches in our modern body repair shop and we provide body geometry restoration, alignment, surface preparation, choice of colour scheme and painting. Due to a wide choice of body part stock in our warehouse the repair work takes the minimum amount of time.


Quality chassis repair work is another of the company’s strengths.


With the help of the newest technologies our experienced technicians will give new life to your vehicle and help steer you toward safe driving.


We can offer a wide choice of windscreens, side and rear windows as well as their efficient replacement to help you with any problems you might have in this respect.


Most importantly, you can count on our experience and a wide variety of spare parts stock to help you out if something happens to your greatest companion – your car.



IGTISA Services


Chassis repair
Brake system repair
Tyre mounting and wheel alignment
Engine belt replacement
Cooling system repair
Clutch and gearbox replacement
Wheel geometry monitoring
Headlight adjustment
Muffler welding and replacement
Oil change and filter replacement


Car body repair:


Body geometry restoration
Auto glass replacement
Surface preparation
Choosing paint colour
Headlight adjustment
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